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If you’re a baby boomer, you might find yourself having to step it up a bit the next time you contact a potential employer.

Damian Birkel with North Carolina based ‘Professionals in Transition’ says his research shows ‘baby boomers’ are facing skeptical employers in this tough job market. The reasons vary, but it doesn’t seem to have to do with any sort of technology gap

No matter what you face, Birkel says the best thing you can do is sharpen your skills and be optimistic. He reminds us to be ready for the challenge!

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Turning Point Boston’s founder Kathy Robinson has been through a fair number of life and career transitions. She has held twenty-four different part-time and full-time jobs since the age of eight. In her adult life she has worked as a high profile HR Executive in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, engineering, software, and retail.

Robinson says today, networking is key to a job hunt’s success, but don’t send the mass email yet. She says the key to networking these days is to make it personal, and be natural!
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Whether it's in the financial market... or health care... it's true new jobs are far more competitive these days... perhaps more competitive they've ever been!

To cope with the changing market, Gerry Crispin with Career XRoads in New Jersey says the data shows: if you can't get on the 'inside' of a potential employer's company... you might as well not apply!

To learn more about Career Xroads, click here.

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Think back to your school days. Teachers probably reminded you to ‘Do your research’ before moving forward with any big project.

John M. O'Connor, the President & CEO, Career Pro Inc. in Raleigh, NC says researching a career opportunity will save you time, making sure you are qualified for the position, and it’ll give you an edge as the conversation develops. He also offers some immediate practical steps on what to do if you lose your job.
<![CDATA[Utility Companies Need More Workers Across the US | JobHuntNews.com]]>Wed, 29 Apr 2015 22:09:56 GMThttp://jobhuntnews.weebly.com/home-archive/utility-companies-need-more-workers
Hear from Oregonian contributor Colin Miner about how a challenge for utility companies might be a benefit for you.

There seems be a national trend of utility workers retiring, and that means -- in a sagging economy, utility companies are seeking out new employees, but beware -- it’s a lot of hard work!

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 Think you’re the only one dealing with a tough economy?  Think again.
Many teenagers are facing a fierce entry level workforce for simple jobs. And now, they’re competing with grandma and grandpa for those traditionally ‘teen’ jobs.

Partricia Montemurri with the Detroit Free Press says teens should focus on what skills make them special. They’re also more competitive in labor intensive jobs, because they tend to have more stamina than their senior counterparts.